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10 Best Free Live Streaming Apps for Android Free Download

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Live streaming is a trending hobby nowadays. Smartphone users are somewhat more declined in this fashion. Do you want to know about the top & best free live streaming apps to stream live television, movies, shows, dramas, etc? Then, APKMart guides you easily. Since there are plenty of free sources, therefore people search for safe & reliable apps. Please keep in mind that our suggestions include only third-party apps on this page. Hence, it is helpful solely for Android OS users. Luckily, all the 10 apps are downloadable free of cost through this article. So, here we go.

10 Best Free Live Streaming Apps for Android 2021

1. Pikashow

Pikashow is on the top of this list since it is an exclusive app. Millions of users have downloaded it to enjoy Hollywood & Bollywood web series, movies & TV shows. Also, there are tons of live television channels from foreign countries. It is a comprehensive platform offering all the video services under one umbrella. Moreover, it lets you download videos to watch offline without an internet connection.

2. ThopTV Pro

Believe it or not, ThopTV Pro has been a preferred platform for Indians & South Asians. Indeed, this app is full of Indian & International television channels. Using different categories, one can watch 1000+ live television channels of all genres. Sports, movies, news, kids, religion, music, entertainment, science, etc., are a few names. If you want to access maximum TV channels for free, then ThopTV Pro is the best.

3. HD Streamz

The next is the HD Streamz app developed by an Indian developer. No doubt, it is a great app with a beautiful & well-managed interface. 100s of high-quality movies & live TV channels are enjoyable on this platform. Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, Arabic, English, and other content is in your access. Thus, watch sports or news, dramas or movies, cartoons, or educational programs for free. Get it now for fun.

4. Stream India

Stream India is another option if others are not working somehow. Honestly, this app contains a diverse collection of Pakistani & Indian television channels. Nowadays, users are downloading it to watch live sports, like ICC T20 WC & other events. Top sports channels in English, Urdu, Hindi languages entertain the fans. Besides it, video quality is adjustable up to UHD. No ads & no registration expenses for it.

5. NT TV

NT TV serves with its three fabulous services, i.e., movies, dramas, live sports. So, users of this app enjoy unlimited old & recent stuff from Turkey, Korea, Hollywood, and Bollywood. The best thing is, it features current programs of varying genres. Hence, install it on your phone and let you experience buffer-free streaming anywhere & anytime. Watching cricket is the hottest topic in this day and age.

6. GHD Sports

The title defines itself. If you are searching for a sports streaming app only, then GHD Sports is the right option. Live updates of all the current sports happening anywhere in the world will be available here. Main sports include cricket, football, hockey, basketball, etc., for which you can keep yourself updated. Likewise, it works free of charge, yet it needs an internet connection for its work.


Similarly, Android users also show interest in the RTS TV app. Believe it or not, it streams live TV channels from South Asian countries, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Thus, the content is in the regional languages. Its top features include 1000+ live television channels of all genres, radio channels, movies & TV shows. Verily, you can find your favorite sports channels in any of the local languages.

8. Nika TV

Indeed, Nika TV is an online app offering almost all the Pakistani TV channels in one place. Also, Indian & Punjabi live television streaming is available. If you have been missing a platform like this, then don’t wait anymore. Install it now, and watch sports, news, movies, dramas, shows, comedy programs, and much more. The perfect layout of this app is eye-catching, and everyone finds it user-friendly.

9. Mr. TV

This masterpiece is exclusive that contains all the video content in multiple categories & groups. Though, its services are similar to other apps offering live television, movies & web series. Yet, it divides all the content into dozens of classes based on cinemas, film stars, genres, old & new. It lets you find the most relevant content in no time. Easy user interface glorifies its value without taking any money.

10. PTV Sports

Last but not least, PTV Sports is another app entertaining sports fans. In fact, it is a copy of Pakistan’s official sports channel. Therefore, it is more famous in this region. If you don’t want to miss the current T20 World Cup, then utilize this platform for all sorts of live updates. The APK size is bearable, yet it is not the official representative of the PTV Sports channel. Hence, it is a third-party app.

Common Features of the 10 Best Free Live Streaming Apps for Android:

  • Free to download & use.
  • IPTV-based online apps.
  • No subscription charges.
  • No login credentials.
  • Free of advertisements.
  • Lightweight APKs.
  • Updated & recent apps.
  • No limitations.
  • Adjustable video qualities.
  • Inbuilt media players.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Safe & harmless.
  • All genres are available.
  • Live sports & T20 World Cup.
  • Useable on all Androids.
  • Plenty of video content.
  • Smooth streaming.
  • All are available at APKMart.


Today, many online platforms are used to fulfill entertainment requirements. But the apps of the above list don’t host any of the given content on their servers. Instead, they stream pirated streaming services. That’s why users face some issues once in a while. However, you can use an alternative since there are 10 options on this page. We agree that video platforms like YouTube are playing a vital role. But television services are not offered by any reliable app. So, streaming apps are always needed.

Hence, these streaming platforms are essential for hardcore fans. I hope this article will be satisfactory in telling you about the 10 Best Free Live Streaming Apps for Android. At the same time, you must know all these apps belong to third parties or unofficial authorities. You can judge their value after using their services once. Nowadays, the demand for free streaming apps is on the top. Everyone wants to spend their lenient time effectively. Watching live television or gaming on mobile are the top hobbies in this regard.