Jeic Injector

Jeic Injector

January 20, 2022
7.1 MB
v2.7 Part 7
Apps, Tools
5.0 and up
Jeic Gaming

Jeic Injector Review:

Modification of Mobile Legends Bang Bang using different kinds of apps is great fun. Indeed, it is a way to unlock any favorite in-game item without money. Most gamers spend a lot of capital unknowingly solely to improve their skills & gameplay. However, it doesn’t profit them as expected. Therefore, injector apps, like Jeic Injector, provide big-budget stuff free of cost. For instance, Skin, Emotes, Recalls, etc., are more famous. You can also use this tool by downloading from this page immediately.

On the other hand, this radical app is not superior to the NiX Injector. The latter has a vast collection of ML skins for the fans. And it is one of the finest injector tools for Mobile Legends. Also, both mentioned apps are easy to use, safe & applicable on all Android smartphones. If you love these tools just because it saves your money, then do install them both. You will find almost all the necessary things to make the unchallenging, fast & victorious. Thousands of fans are already using them.

Features of Jeic Injector:

Since it is a complete new cheating tool for MLBB. Therefore, it doesn’t have freebies in abundance. You can unlock the skins of heroes only. However, more cheats will be available in a short time.


It is the only thing attainable in this app so far. You can use skins for all roles.

  • Tank Skin
  • Fighter Skin
  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Marksman
  • Support

It is clear from the menu that the following items are coming in the next edition. So, we are hopeful and waiting for it eagerly.

  • Analog
  • Emote
  • Recall
  • Map
  • Drone View
  • Back-Up

Additional Features:

  • Jeic Injector is working without a password.
  • It is free to download & use.
  • A novice & latest tool for Mobile Legends.
  • It doesn’t show third-party ads.
  • Well-optimized & classified content.
  • Usable on rooted/unrooted devices.
  • User-friendly layout.
  • Easy to inject the skins.
  • Stable & functional.

Is it safe to use the Jeic Injector?

Old gamers know the actuality of these modifying/hacking tools. If you haven’t used a third-party cheating tool ever, then you must know it is illegal to use. Mobile Legends produce revenue by selling the in-game stuff, e.g., Heroes, Skins, BGs, Effects, Emotes, Maps, etc. Therefore, they face losses when the gamers unlock this material without paying cash. If ML servers detect an MLBB account doing cheating, they block it.

In this way, thousands of gamers have lost their gaming accounts permanently. However, gamers do it because they are unable to invest sufficient money due to poverty. They know how to use a hacking tool carefully. For this, they use a fake/guest account through a Virtual Space app or VPN. Thus, they minimize the risks & harms to a certain level.


MLBB is a multiplayer online game. There is no space for incompetent & unskilled gamers. A single mistake takes you out of the match as you become a victim of other fighters. If you want to stay alive in the battles till the end, then do have premium heroes, costumes, guns, etc. But it will demand an unbearable amount of money. So, Jeic Injector is here to resolve your issues regarding gaming stuff. Download & install it now. Then, open it to inject the cheats into the game. Honestly, it’s an easy tool in all respects.