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December 4, 2018
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4Liker Review:

Facebook has become a vital part of our lives. For most of us, the number of Facebook impressions directly connected to the mood boost. Not only for the personal but professional use of Facebook has been enhanced. 4Liker rake it places among the very few of splendid auto liker application. Though it has been quite a while, the app released. But, until now the craze of this app has not vanished.

So, grab the latest version of 4Liker from the given link, and install it on your Android phone to get thousands of free auto likes. The app also provides you comments, followers and shares, not like other apps which have restricted themselves to only image likes and post likes.

Features of 4Liker:

  • 4Liker is among the pioneer of Facebook auto liker market. The application is rated highly trusted and superbly performed the application.
  • The application has been designed quite beautifully. Each section of the application offers a unique feature.
  • For the free liker seeker, visit the free liker section. For free comment grabber, visit the free comment section.
  • You do not need to wait for hours to receive the impression; it works on tap and gets bases.
  • 4liker is a totally spam-free application, and believe me it would not post spam on your behalf.
  • The developers of this app designed a chat system. If any user of this app got any query can direct chat and elaborate the problem.
  • So, boost the popularity of your posts and images exponentially. And become the top trend on social networking website without hours.
  • Best auto liker as compare to other auto liker apps like Fb Tools and Leet Liker.
  • And much more features of this app.

How to use 4Liker?

I would be more certain to let you know the vast use of this particular application made by the business owners. Those business owners which were unable to spend budget to advertise their products, grab this application. Though, the normal use of the app is the same like as the business use. It is up to you, how you take this app forward and get right use.

Let’s dive into the use of this 4Liker app. As without executing the using of the application, one would not grab any likes.

  1. Get 4Liker app from the download link. The APK file has given, you need to store the file on your phone.
  2. Locate the file and install it on your Android phone.
  3. Remember that Facebook privacy setting is utmost important to get free likes. So, if you have made some privacy over to the Facebook account, cancel it.
  4. Launch it and log in using the real Facebook ID.
  5. You get the various options to get the use of this application. Like, free likes, free comments, and even shares. You chose what suit your need.
  6. And for likes, do not exceed 350 limits.
  7. For comments, do not go beyond 60. As, if you cross this line, Facebook may catch you and block the Facebook account.
  8. And after one submission, wait at least 30 minutes to get the use of the app again.

The app is a nice blend of easy interface and clean navigation. I do not think even a beginner user would get any hiccup while using. So, now you can download 4Liker APK file from the provided link & install it on your Android phone and get auto likes for your Instagram and Facebook photos, status, videos for free.